Sell a Huawei Wearable

Do you have a used wearable that you want to sell? You can sell your Huawei wearable to without hassle and in 3 easy steps. Calculate the value in 2 minutes.

Sell your Smartwatch

When you sell your smartwatch, it gets a second life. When you trade in your smartwatch, it is extensively tested and, where possible, re-released on the market. With the sale of your smartwatch, you therefore reduce e-waste. In addition, you will of course earn a nice amount with it.

Trade in your Smartwatch by

With more than 3000 satisfied customers, we have proven ourselves as a reliable and specialized buyer. You can therefore assume that the sale amount will be on your account within one working day of receipt. On the website you can see how much your watch is currently worth. After you have registered the watch, you can send it free and insured, with the shipping label that you receive from us.

How much is my smartwatch worth?

The value of your smartwatch depends on a number of things. For example, we check which smartwatch you have and whether it still works properly. We also look for any cracks and scratches. Do you have a broken smartwatch? No problem, you can still sell it. The value will be slightly lower than that of a smartwatch without defects. The exact amount you can earn from your smartwatch can therefore differ greatly. At you can register your watch online, after which you will immediately see what it is worth. Then there are only two steps: send it to us and receive cash!