Sell your Samsung

Do you have a used Samsung device that you want to sell? Sell your Samsung device hassle-free and in 3 easy steps to Calculate the value in 2 minutes.

Selling Samsung products

Do you have Samsung devices that you want to sell? It is possible! You thereby contribute to a circular economy by giving the devices a second life, but perhaps more importantly: you can get a nice amount for it. It is possible to sell broken and well-functioning Samsung devices. After registration you can send the devices free of charge and insured.

Where can I trade in my Samsung devices?

There are a number of places where you can exchange your Samsung devices for money. You can try to sell the devices on a marketplace and you can go to a specialized buyer. At a marketplace you can determine the selling price yourself, but it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable buyer for that amount. With a specialized buyer you know in advance what your Samsung devices are worth and the money is often in your account quickly.

How much are my Samsung devices worth?

Samsung has many different products. This ensures that there are also many different prices. We also check whether you send a properly functioning or a broken Samsung device. Fortunately, in both cases the device is worth money. Do you want to know the exact value? Then you can register your device(s) and see if the deal is right for you. If this is the case, you can send your devices and the money is often in your account within one working day!