Sell an iPad

Do you have a used iPad that you would like to sell? Calculate the value in 3 questions and sell your iPad safely and quickly to

Sell your iPad

Selling your iPad has many advantages. This way you contribute to a circular economy, because we give your iPad a second life. You thus reduce the e-waste. In addition, your iPad is still worth money. Whether you have an older and broken iPad or a brand new model, in both cases, your iPad is still worth money.

Where can I trade in my iPad?

There are many ways to hand in your iPad. You can give it away to a friend or sell it through a marketplace. A marketplace has the advantage that you can determine the selling price yourself. However, it is often difficult to find a reliable buyer and it takes a lot of time before the iPad is actually sold. With a specialized buyer you can be sure that you will receive the correct amount and the money is often in your account within one working day. In addition, your iPad can be sent free of charge and insured. So there is no risk.

How much is my iPad worth?

Whether you are selling a broken iPad or an iPad in perfect condition, your iPad is always worth something. A properly functioning iPad will be worth more than a malfunctioning one. It also plays a role where you trade in the iPad. On a marketplace you can determine the price yourself, but it is more difficult to find a reliable buyer. At you can see exactly how much your iPad is worth within minutes. Is this a good deal for you? Then you can send the iPad free and insured and the money is often in your account within 48 hours!