Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


We want to buy as many different devices as possible. It is possible that your device is not on our website yet. Please feel free to contact our customer support. We will do everything we can to be able to purchase the device from you.

Yes, if we buy your device you will receive an email with the proof of sale.

Our mission is to ensure that as many products as possible are reused through a circular economy. Your device will be reset to factory settings with professional software. After this, the product will be cleaned and repaired where necessary. When the device is in good condition, it will be put back on the market. If it is no longer possible to repair the device, the parts will be used for recycling.

Sometimes it is possible to drop off the device at our headquarters. Feel free to contact our customer support to schedule an appointment. It is important that you register your device on the site, so that we have all your data. This allows us to transfer the money to you immediately when your device has been checked.

Data en security

When we receive your device, it will be reset to factory settings with professional software. Your data will therefore be deleted and not stored anywhere.


You will receive a shipping label from us with which you can send your device to us free of charge. It is important that you pack the device well, so that it cannot be broken during shipment.

No, you only need to send in the device that you have registered. For example, if you register a smartphone or tablet, you don't have to send the charger.

If the package is lost during the shipment, we are responsible for it. Just make sure you keep the proof of shipping.

Sales prices and costs

No, there are no costs associated with the sale for you. You can send the phone free of charge with the shipping label that you receive from us.

Yes, that can happen. Sometimes we think a phone is in a better condition than you think it is and sometimes in a worse condition. It is also possible that defects come to light during the test that you were not aware of. It is therefore possible that the final offer will be higher or lower. When it is higher, we will transfer this amount to you. When it is lower, we make a new offer. You can then choose whether you agree or whether you would prefer us to send the device back.


Until we have received your device, you can cancel the sale free of charge. If you want to cancel the sale after you have sent it, we will charge €12.50 to reimburse the shipping costs to return the phone.

Once we have tested and purchased your device for the agreed price, the sale is final and it is no longer possible to cancel.

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