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Do you want to reduce e-waste and make money? Then this is a good time to sell your iPhone. By selling your iPhone, you give the phone a second life. This way you contribute to a circular economy and you earn a nice amount. You can sell your iPhone if it is in perfect condition, but also if it has a defect or crack.

There are several places where you can hand in your iPhone. For example, you can go to a marketplace or a specialized buyer. The advantage of a marketplace is that you can determine the price yourself. Of course you still have to find a reliable buyer for that amount. When you sell your iPhone to a specialized buyer, you can be sure that you will have the money in your account quickly. It is also possible to send the phone for free and insured so there is no risk.

When you are going to sell your iPhone, you naturally want to know how much you can earn with it. This depends, among other things, on which iPhone you sell. An iPhone 12 in perfect condition will yield more than an iPhone 6 with a crack in the screen. However, it is still possible to trade in a broken iPhone for a nice amount. Do you want to know exactly what your iPhone is worth? Then sign up and see the amount within a few minutes. After that, all you have to do is send the iPhone and cash in!