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Er zijn meerdere uitvoeringen van de Oppo A54s. Je kunt in de instellingen van het device vinden om welk type het gaat. Weet je het niet zeker? Vul dan het meest waarschijnlijke in, wij controleren dit altijd om zeker te zijn dat het klopt.
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Oppo A54s

Calculate the value of Oppo A54s by answering a couple of simple questions. The value will immediately be visible and when you agree to it, you can easily add it to your basket to sell your A54s .

What is has been a specialist in used electronics like phones, tablets and smartwatches for 10 years already. Through our easy online portal can our users sell their used devices and send them to us. We are here to make selling fun and easy again.

Because of smart shipping solutions and collaborations with partners such as PostNL we have more than enough options for our users to hand in their sold devices. In addition shipping is totally safe. This is because we offer insurance for every parcel that is sent to us.

Good review by the Dutch Consumentenbond

Just like anybody we like to get compliments. The dutch consumer-advocacy group Consumentenbond has written an article about selling used phones.

What happens once we receive the devices?

We will work hard and get the devices tested and paid out in 48 hours. Faster than lightning and any other buy back company! In most of the cases we can pay the devices without any problems. In some of the other cases we'll immediately reach out to you by e-mail.

Please note: we buy working devices and we also buy faulty devices. There is always something to sell!


Available colors

  • Crystal Black
  • Pearl Blue


  • 128GB

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