Unlock your Samsung device

Written by Boris

A Samsung device is often securely locked. Often it has not one, not two, but three locks even. The most well-known lock is the access code or swipe pattern. In addition, there is also a Samsung lock and a Google lock. When you factory reset your device in the correct way, all locks are removed at the same time. It is important not to reset the device with a button combination. Doing this will not remove all locks.

How do I completely reset my device to factory settings?

Naturally you will want to remove your confidential data from the device before selling it. To erase all data, it is handy to completely reset the phone to factory settings. This is easy to do on most Android devices.

  1. Samsung/Sony/LG/Motorola
    Go to ‘Settings > General > Backup and reset > Factory data reset’ and click until your device starts emptying the storage. Sometimes the option in the settings window is also described as ‘Back-up maken en terugzetten‘.

  2. Google devices
    Go to ‘Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset‘. Regardless of which phone or tablet you use, make sure that your device is charged to at least 50%.

  3. HTC
    Go to ‘Settings > SD-kaart en telefoongeheugen‘ and then tap ‘Factory data reset‘.

  4. Huawei
    Go to ‘Settings > Geavanceerde opties > Backup and reset‘ and then tap ‘Factory data reset‘.

How do I remove my Samsung lock remotely?

If it was not possible to restore the phone to factory settings, Samsung also offers a way to remove the Samsung lock remotely.

Find my Mobile is a service that can help you find your device, but also erase, lock or unlock it remotely if your device is lost or stolen. Go to https://findmymobile.samsung.com, log in to your Samsung account and unlock the correct device.

Can I remove the Google lock remotely?

The Google lock is also called the FRP lock. FRP is short for Factory Reset Protection. This lock is an extra protection for your Android device. Unfortunately, the FRP lock cannot be removed remotely. However, it is possible to manually remove the lock from the device. The person who has the device at that moment only needs the access code to remove the lock.