Selling your used iPhone: What are your options?

Written by Boris

You think it's time for another phone. Maybe you'll go for a new one or consider a refurbished iPhone. Anyway, you often still have an old device – and you want to get rid of that. You prefer to get something in return. In this blog we look at the different options you have if you want to sell a used iPhone.

Give it away or sell it

You can of course choose to keep a used phone as a spare device. In practice, however, such a telephone will often collect dust in the back of the cupboard. Doing something with your used phone is therefore a better choice. If you have a used iPhone lying around that you want to get rid of, you have several options. You can give it away, hand it in or sell your old iPhone. Particularly when you want to earn something from your old phone, the latter option is a good choice.

Giving away your used iPhone

You can of course choose to give your old iPhone away to family or friends. That can be a good choice if, for example, you want to buy a new iPhone and your little brother doesn't have a phone yet. There are also charities that you can donate your old phone to.

Hand in your used iPhone

In addition to being able to give away a used iPhone, you can also choose to hand in the device somewhere. That's a good choice if you want to get rid of your old phone quickly, without having to think about what will happen to it. There are several places where you can hand in your old phone, for example at a recycling center or via your mobile provider. They then ensure that the device is recycled.

Sell your used iPhone

Is your iPhone still working fine? And would you rather earn some money from your used phone? Then you can choose to sell your old iPhone! Not only does this often yield you a nice amount, you also literally ensure that your phone gets a second life. Below we discuss the different options you have if you want to sell a used iPhone.

How cn you sell a used iPhone?

As mentioned, selling a used phone is a good option if your device still works well and you want to earn something from it. There are several ways you can sell a used iPhone. Firstly, this can of course be done via acquaintances or via a second-hand platform. In addition, you can often trade in your phone.

Selling your used iPhone through acquaintances or a second-hand platform

When you choose to sell a used iPhone through acquaintances or a second-hand platform, you have a lot of freedom. You can determine the price you would like to receive for the device. In addition, it offers you the option to negotiate about this. That's nice if you know exactly what your phone is worth and you are strong enough to stay at this price. In practice, you will often have to negotiate a good price (for example, because you already know the person and are therefore more likely to drop in price). Another problem may be that you cannot find a reliable buyer at all. And there is another major drawback to selling a used phone via a second-hand platform: it takes a lot of time. You have to place a call or ad, wait for a response, find a serious buyer and then schedule a time for the sale as well. Most people want to see a phone first before making a second-hand purchase. And if someone drops out during that process, you just have to wait and see if you find another interested person. A faster option to sell your used phone is to trade it in on a specialized platform.

Sell your used iPhone to

If you prefer to see money appear in your account after selling your old device, then selling your used iPhone to is the best choice. Not only can you easily calculate online what amount your old phone will yield, you also receive the money in your account quickly. A good choice if you do not yet know what you want to do with the proceeds of your old device and want to get rid of your phone quickly. In addition, you can be sure that your phone will get a second life. checks and tests your old phone before the device can be sold again. A sustainable choice: the new buyer of your old iPhone does not have to purchase a new one, something that is very harmful to the environment. Selling your used iPhone to is therefore beneficial for all parties. You earn something from the quick sale of your old phone, can recycle this phone by extending the life of the device, and the new buyer makes a sustainable purchase: a high-quality iPhone without the production of a new phone and for a lower price! So it's actually a win-win-win situation!

How much can I get if I sell my used iPhone?

If you plan to sell your used iPhone, you naturally want to know how much you can earn from it. That depends on several things such as the quality of the device and the way of sale. An iPhone a few years old with signs of use will obviously yield less than a newer model that looks as good as new. In addition, the amount you can get for the sale of a used iPhone depends on the way of selling you choose. If you sell the phone via a second-hand platform, you are free to determine the price you want to receive - provided there is also someone who is willing to pay the same amount of course. For selling your used iPhone to a store or webshop, the trade-in values ​​vary widely. You can sometimes get €600 for an as good as new, recent model, but that depends entirely on the provider you choose.

Selling a used iPhone to the highest trade-in value

At you can easily and quickly sell your used iPhone for the highest trade-in value. We ask you to fill in various details: which device do you have? What condition is your phone in? And does the device still work? You will then see the trade-in price you can get from us for the device. You can send your used iPhone to us for free and we will deposit the money into your account within 48 hours after we receive your phone. Do you have questions about selling your old phone? Please feel free to contact us. Want to be assured of the highest trade-in value? Then register your iPhone and give your smartphone a second life!