Is my screen burnt-in?

Written by Boris

Screen burn-in is an occasional problem with phones with OLED screens. These are screens used by both Samsung and Apple in the newer phones. But what exactly is a burnt-in screen and how can you recognise it?

What is a burnt-in screen?

Screen burn-in can occur when the same image is displayed on the screen or part of the screen for an extended period of time. For example, the notification bar is vulnerable to burn-in because it is often visible and shows the same image. But also think of long navigation or games such as Pokémon go. Because the same image is shown for a long time and/or regularly in exactly the same place on the screen, this image burns in. As a result, you will always see the burnt-in image vaguely, mainly on a white background.

How can I see if my screen is burnt-in?

When your screen burns in, the screen can no longer replace the long-projected image with a new image, so you will continue to see this image. The discolorations can be large darker areas on the screen, but can also be visible in the form of small spots. You can spot a burnt-in screen by going to a white screen, turning up the brightness, and checking for any discoloration in the screen.

Is my screen broken when it's burnt-in?

Yes, a burnt-in screen is a defect. As with, for example, a crack, it is possible that the other functionalities of the screen are still good. However, it will be necessary to replace the screen in order for the device to function completely as new again.